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What Is MovieDNA?


Unique movie memorabilia. Every frame of your favourite movie, stitched into one incredible art print. Find out what your favourite movie’s made of. 130,000 frames compressed into One frame.

We take your favourite movies and sequence them. What comes out is MovieDNA:


Using every frame of a movie, we compress it down to give a stunning overview of the movie as a whole. Each movie has its own individual look and feel and the colour palettes blend to create a piece of art like no other.

We aim to create an art series that could be appreciated by all. Everyone has a movie they love and we decided to create a project to enable everyone ,to enjoys theirs everyday.

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Our aim

We have set out to produce the ultimate collection of high quality artwork for as many films as possible! We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise a small budget. This will be used to create our first run of premium quality art prints for requested movies, after we have raised enough funds to get the ball rolling,  we will then continue to expand our catalogue of films indefinitely. We want everyone to have a chance to get their choice of MovieDNA hanging on the wall. 

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